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  peptides peptide hormone usually on the product used. Generally 50 or below 50 compounds of amino acid residues, in peptides. Known organisms contain and secrete a variety of hormones and bioactive peptides, only exists in my head nearly 40, and people continue to find substance, separation and purification of bioactive peptides. Peptides in vivo concentrations are low in the blood, usually 10~ 10-mol/L, but strong physiological activity in regulating physiological function plays a very important role. According to role and secretion of peptide drugs part is divided into:

    1. Vasopressin and its derivatives
             brain neurophysin II, vasopressin, and vasopressin tannate Lai, benzene, ammonia fine vasopressin vasopressin vasopressin, and birds (POR-8).
    oxytocin and its derivatives have oxytocin, tartaric acid amino oxytocin, oxytocin and other
        3, Acton and its derivatives
    Acton, zinc Acton (ACTH-Zn), phosphorus and zinc Acton, gelatin Acton, Acton cm fiber, silk depends on cortical 18 peptides, glargine cortex 18 peptide cortex of cortical 24 peptides, zinc, promoting 24 peptides, 28, 25 peptide peptides.
 :  4
       , hypothalamic-pituitary peptide hormones of gonadotropin-releasing hormone, thyrotropin-releasing hormone, growth hormone releasing hormone (CHRH), somatostatin (CHIH), melanin-inhibiting hormone (MRIH), melanin-releasing hormone (MRH), Prolactin releasing hormone (PRH), prolactin-inhibiting hormone (PIH), corticotropin-releasing hormone (LRH).
    5, and Digest road hormone
    has promoting stomach lactating pigment 34 peptide, and 17 peptide, and 14 peptide, and 5 peptide, and 4 peptide, pancreatic lactating pigment, and gallbladder contraction pigment 39 peptide, and 33 peptide, and 8 peptide, inhibition stomach peptide, and stomach moving peptide, and vascular activity peptide, and pancreatic more peptide, and p material, and neural buck peptide, and frog skin peptide 14 peptide, and 10 peptide,.
   />    6, other hormones and active peptide thymosin, pancreatic glucagon, calcitonin, angiotensin I (10-peptide), II (8-peptide), III (7 peptide), enkephalins, endorphins and sleep peptides, memories, pineal gland peptide, peptide such as trypsin inhibitors.