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Enzymatic production of bioactive peptides. The peptide is mainly produced in China, representing world peptide research, development, production and innovation level and trend. Enzymatic production of bioactive peptides is the body needs food grade plant protease, the body usually eat food into small molecules bioactive peptides by enzymatic hydrolysis of proteins. It has a very strong biological activity and diversity has been cause for concern in the world, becomes the focus of and pursue careers in today's world. Wuhan JIU Sheng Tang produced "soybean peptide", the raw material used is levels above 90% soy protein isolate, method is enzymatic hydrolysis, protease enzymes used in food plants of the genus. Production of the "soybean peptides" without bitterness, flavor and aroma and pleasant, without any toxic side effects. Products are end products, Innovation Fund by China as a reimbursable grant projects and industrialization production has been realized, the end product "of soybean peptides" oral solution is the world's first production of soybean peptides by enzymatic end products, favored by the merchants of the world in the 89th.