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Peptide hormone and peptide is cell homemade, trace organic substances containing regulate physiological and metabolic efficiency. Some of the peptide hormone precursors (prohormones), the precursors to intermediate forms exist in the body, not showing hormone biological activity, whenever needed in the presence of specific enzyme, stretching partially broken, produce an activity of peptide hormones, and target cells via the blood work. Now think the larger peptide hormone, not directly into the target cell, but located in a specific cell surface receptor, which activates the Effector is connected with the receptor. Receptor and effector cells on the surface of the plasma membrane via connected in some way. Some hormone receptor, and its effect is glandular green Cyclase, other effects of hormone receptors, may not be the Adenylate Cyclase, is, we're not sure yet. Activation of effector function after the "second Messenger" but steroid information, activate some enzymes in the cell, thereby promoting intermediary metabolism or the permeability of the membrane, or via a control DNA transcription or translation and the impact of specific protein synthesis, eventually leading to specific physiological effects or its pharmacological effects.
    peptide hormone drug is manifold, just to name a few you can see it below.
   -vasopressin, also known as vasopressin, antidiuretic and elevated blood pressure has two roles. It can promote renal tubular reabsorption of water, decreased urine output, and urine concentration, thirsty, and applies to diagnosis and treatment of diabetes insipidus due to a lack of antidiuretic hormone recently found new uses for increased memory.
    oxytocin promotes smooth muscle contraction of uterine and mammary gland function, suitable for prenatal uterine inertia, labor delays, birth and postpartum hemorrhage during childbirth, can also be used for maternal breast congestion, puerperal mastitis caused by poor lactation and post-operative intestinal paralysis.
    is the brain-pituitary secretion of ACTH, to maintain the normal growth of the adrenal cortex, promote the synthesis and secretion of corticosteroids. Clinically used for adrenal cortex function tests, treatment of some collagen diseases, severe bronchial asthma, seizures and epilepsy, myasthenia gravis.
    cellular immune response of thymosin is involved in, prompting lymphoid stem cells differentiate into mature, immunocompetent t lymphocytes, thus enhancing and adjusting the immune function. At home and abroad have been used in the treatment of autoimmune diseases, and viral infections, and immune-related diseases such as primary immune deficiency in children and cancer immune therapy, is also expected to try for the treatment of tumor-like activity of systemic lupus erythematosus, serious burns, hepatitis b, and so on.
    calcitonin affects calcium and phosphorus metabolism of peptide hormones, on too much vitamin d in infants, adults with high blood calcium syndrome, deformed Osteitis, senile osteoporosis, are effective. &Nbsp;    of gastrointestinal hormone SECRETIN to treat duodenal ulcers. Cholecystokinin (CCK) promote pancreatic enzyme secretion, gallbladder sphincter relaxation, treatment of Biliary colic. Glucagon cable used in the treatment of hypoglycemia and congestive heart failure.
    some certain biochemical functions of the natural protein in the body with hormones. If insulin is the potent drugs to treat diabetes, chorionic effect of sex hormone and serum sex hormone, pituitary hormones are natural glycoprotein hormones, is suitable for treating sexual dysfunction caused by various diseases.
    of certain protein is a natural antimicrobial substances, such as basic, interferon has broad-spectrum antiviral effects can interfere with reproduction in cells for the treatment of human viral diseases.
    is a unique medium induction drug trichosanthin, also used in the treatment of chorionic Epithelioma.
    human blood products, human plasma, albumin, globulin, are important biochemical drugs.
    frozen dry healthy plasma, and said dry people plasma protein or people plasma protein, is will different blood of health people of plasma mixed Hou, frozen dry and have, each bottle content equivalent to 200ml fresh liquid plasma, also joined has 0.4% sildenafil citrate acid three sodium for anticoagulant agent, has and liquid plasma same of effect, can maintained plasma of colloidal penetration pressure, increased cycle blood capacity and plasma protein. Surgical, burn is used to prevent blood loss. Treatment of traumatic shock and low blood plasma proteins, edema, as required, intravenous administration of different concentrations, to improve therapeutic effects. Having to do with typing of blood prior to use, and are available for patients with any blood type, with whole blood.
    albumin is isolated from healthy human plasma and plasma proteins. Albumin 52%~ 56% per cent of total human plasma proteins, the main function is to maintain normal plasma colloid osmotic pressure, 80% per cent of total plasma colloid osmotic pressure, and certain ions and compounds (for example, Ca2+. Cu2+, Zn2+ 2-Valent metal ions, metabolites such as bilirubin, uric acid, fatty acid, acetic acid and choline, histamine, thyroxine and other regulators, as well as a variety of drugs and pigment) with high affinity, and reversibly with these substances in order to play their transport role. 20ml liquid 100ml total 25% albumin plasma whole blood or 200ml function. Generally administered by intravenous injection or infusion, if necessary, add 5 times times of 5% glucose injection liquid or diluted with normal saline for injection infusion, kidney disease patients should not be diluted with saline solution. Clinical for the rescue of blood loss, burns shock and cerebral edema, brain damage caused by cerebral pressure, low protein blood syndrome, patients with cirrhosis, ascites and edema caused by nephropathy.
    gamma globulin from human plasma or serum separation and purification of protein products. Immunoglobulin is present in human immunoglobulin in the blood, which has a large number of small amounts of IgA and IgG, IgM, and contains a variety of antibodies, injected into humans within retention 2-3 weeks, for up to 1 month, can improve the body's resistance to many types of bacteria and viruses. Mainly used to prevent measles, hepatitis a, polio, preventive effect shot often depends on the dose and time. General c species globulin only applies Yu no injection had measles live vaccine and and measles patients close contact of children, 5d within injection prevention effect significantly, over 7d only reduce symptoms; close contact hepatitis who, 5d within injection prevention effect best, most long shall not over 15D; also for prevention other bacteria, and virus infection, but on mumps, and rubella, and varicella, and pertussis like no more big prevention value. Regular immune globulin injections can improve and maintain the plasma concentration of intravenous treatment of congenital and acquired low albumin > and other immunodeficiency disorder, can also improve antibiotics to prevent jaundice after blood transfusion, treatment of bronchial asthma, strengthen patient resistance.