Industry news
Technical parameters:
   1. synthesis: 0.025-50mmol
   2. chemical means: Fmoc or t-Boc
   3. speed: 15 minutes each amino acid coupling cycle
   4. synthesis of purity: 98%, reference standard ACP 10 peptide
    5. reaction vessels: 5ml--500ml a variety of specifications
   6. amino acid container: 30 (40ml-500ml)
   7. fluid measurements: adjustable sample loop sizes ensure accurate reagent type
   8. reagent transfer: inert gases with pressure-driven
   9. Mixing of samples: nitrogen bubbles mix
   10. synthesis of
   main features:
   1. extremely fast time: 2-6 times faster than traditional methods; an amino acid coupling cycle takes only 15 minutes 5 hour standard ACP 10 peptide
   2. higher purity of peptide: 98%, Parameter than 10 peptide standard ACP
   3. difficult more peptide of synthesis: single times synthesis up 191 a amino acids of more peptide, created has more peptide synthesis of record
   4. better of more peptide activity: effective overcome outside elimination spin phenomenon
   5. very low of synthesis cost: all reagents completely open, actual using volume more less; improve has resin of alternative rate, can select different type of resin < BR/>   6. fully automated, easier and more worry, more secure.