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Enzymatic peptide peptides obtained is based on the enzymatic degradation of proteins.
by Proteases to egg protein, milk protein, casein protein, fish protein, Kun bean protein and other animal protein degradation of polypeptide beans, enhanced immune function. This enzymatic peptide after taking into the circulatory system and human tissue, stimulates the body's immune system-specific immune response.
polypeptide enters the human body, can be used as Antigen without t cell helper can directly stimulate b cells to produce antibodies. But more peptide into human Hou, can induced and promote t cell differentiation, and mature; stimulus b cell produced and secretion immune globulin (antibody) participation human immune reaction; improve natural anti cell (NK) vitality, in no antibody participation of situation Xia, anti tumor cell, play wide spectrum anti-tumor, and anti-infection role, participation immune regulation; stimulus k cell anti easily was swallowed of disease original body, as parasites, and malignant tumors cell,; stimulus n cell of anti capacity; stimulus swallowed cell of swallowed capacity, Main improve its swallowed Digest function, and secretion function, participation immune answer, and immune regulation process, and anti-infection, and anti-tumor; enhanced red blood cells immune function; improve white cell between pigment -2 (1L-2) of produced level and receptor expression level; enhanced outside week single nuclear cell y-interferon of produced; enhanced serum in the SOD activity; can significantly increased lymphocytes function; can effective prevent radiation nuclear put chemotherapy and the air, and water, and food, and pollution poisoning bean white cell of reduced; can effective inhibit tumor cell of growth ; To prevent CD4+ caused by chemotherapy of malignant tumor reduction. In short, enzymatic peptide edible immunization agents, can strengthen the body's immune function and immune regulation, immune agent is a modern, is a treasure of modern immunity.