Peptide product preservation and dissolution proposal

freeze-dried peptide products can be kept at room temperature, generally should be placed in the dryer. For Cys, Met TrP polypeptide, easily oxidized in air, in front of the bottle, slowly filled with inert gases to reduce oxidation. Solubility of
for some difficult to dissolve in double distilled water or dilute acetic acid buffer peptide (30%-50%) or the dilute ammonia (30%) respectively for alkaline (Arg, Lys, His) or acidic (Asp, Glu) dissolution of the peptide. These methods are not soluble polypeptide, need to use small amounts of DMF, DMSO dissolves, then add the amount of buffer solution, these solvents may have side effects on some experimental, so experiment to attention.
Note: the peptide chain containing residues of Ala,Cys,Ile,Leu,Met,Phe,Gln,Asn and Val will increase the difficulty of the dissolution of the peptide.
peptide solution saves peptide
solution than freeze dried form is not stable, the solution should be adjusted to (pH5-7)-20 ْ saved. Avoid repeated freezing and thawing of the samples (Met, Cgs or Try residues in the peptide solution more oxidizing, a limited life span. For prevent repeat frozen thaw of damage, recommends dissolved quantitative of peptide, remaining more peptide to powder State save) other solution peptide best into sample volume store, a copies samples thaw frozen Hou not with finished, best throw, because bacteria degradation Hou will caused solution peptide in experiment in the of trouble, for overcome this, peptide should dissolved Yu no bacteria water, or peptide solution with 0.2 μ m filter film filter. (Note: If the sample is not completely dissolved samples are lost, take a small amount of [1mg]). Peptide
all peptides in the directory unless otherwise stated, General packaging for small bottle of lyophilized powder. We recommend first dissolved in sterile distilled water or deionized peptides. Peptides if you want to save for a long time, it is best to freeze drying, cold dry powder at-20 degrees or lower temperatures stored in an environment of more than a few years.

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